Yellowstone, Glacier, and Beyond

Well, so much for updating this every day! But, hey, we’ve been busy relaxing! Since the last post we have traveled from Colorado to Spokane, Washington. We spent a day in Wyoming just relaxing before spending two days driving through Yellowstone and Teton National Park. We had a fabulous time watching the wildlife and seeing the beautiful scenery. Our second day in Yellowstone was by far our best day for wildlife viewing. We saw 12 bears; 9 Black bears, 2 Cinnamon black bears, and one Grizzly bear. We also saw several wolves, a badger, baby Great Horned Owls, and a fox. It goes without saying that we saw plenty of bison, elk, and antelope. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get pictures of all of this because some of them were very far away. There were a lot of kind people that allowed us to look at various things through their spotting scopes. We then traveled to Kalispell, Montana near Glacier National Park. The next morning we were able to spend a the morning with our friends Tony and Ashley King from Arkansas that were in the area for a family reunion. A lot of Glacier is still closed due to snow removal. Yes, even in June there is still snow up to the roofs of some of the buildings in Logan Pass. So, since we couldn’t spend a lot of time in Glacier we ended the day on a boat on Flathead lake. We bought subs, grabbed a boat and cruised around the lake and watched the sunset. It was the perfect ending to a good day. Today we travelled to Spokane and met one of our friends, Michelle Saldivar. We plan to spend tomorrow here in Spokane before heading back to Idaho. Hopefully the pictures will give you a glimpse of our last week.


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